Jonathan J. Dickau

Composer, Performer, Producer,
Writer, Engineer, Physicist, and Lecturer.

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        Jonathan's regular work focuses on audio recording, mastering, editing, and post-processing.   And his everyday duties sometimes include web-design, multimedia authoring, and vocal instruction.  He has assisted many creative people, through his work.   He is also a talented performer himself, a visionary writer, and a gifted composer.  However; he does Science too!  And he has had the privilege to communicate with some of its finest minds.   In his lectures, he attempts to both inform and uplift, encouraging people to learn all about the wonders of Science and Math while also exploring the depths of their Spirituality.   In many ways, Jonathan is a modern Renaissance man, a multi-talented individual who strives to combine his skills in a manner that will allow all to benefit (a bit like Leonardo da Vinci perhaps, or maybe Buckaroo Banzai).

        Jonathan was drawn to the sciences as a child, and dreamed of working in Science, but also had a profound love of Music and later a talent with performing and recording it.  In his musical production work, Jonathan aspires to be a modern-day version of the legendary Sam Phillips, by fostering musical innovation and encouraging (or assisting) a diverse range of talented artists who expand genre boundaries.  Jonathan won a Grammy award for recording Folk music legend Pete Seeger, and has production and performance credits on a number of other albums, plus years of experience working behind the scenes in the Music and Multimedia businesses.  He also worked for years in the Graphic Arts and Pre-Press industry, but he is probably best known for writing and lecturing on a broad range of topics relating to the Arts, to Science and Math, and to Spirituality.

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Jonathan explores the deep connections between disciplines, and the
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Jonathan also runs a recording studio and multi-media
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